2021-11-11 BC

Mitigation Measures This article talks about mitigation measures on ski hills: Resort Need vax card?(over 12) Grouse Yes Cypress No Mt. Seymour No Whistler No Revelstoke Yes The article gives kind of mixed messages about masks on gondolas. It says that masks are required but that nobody will check. (I guess it’s like on buses.)… Continue reading 2021-11-11 BC

2021-11-10 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that BC Ferries could have trouble with staffing as a result of the federal vax mandate. Statistics +555 cases, +11 deaths. Average of past two days: +5,506 first doses, +3,585 second doses, +11,313 other doses. Currently 404 in hospital / 117 in ICU, 4,321 active cases, 203,909 recovered. first doses… Continue reading 2021-11-10 BC

2021-11-08 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +553 casesSat/Sun: +462 casesSun/Mon: +423 cases Over weekend, average of around +6 deaths, 1,489 first doses, +7,604 second doses, +5,954 other doses. Currently 407 in hospital / 121 in ICU, 4,282 active cases, 202,898 recovered. first doses second doses of adults 90.7% 86.6% of over-12s 90.3% 86.0% of all BCers 82.1% 78.4% Charts

2021-11-05 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that BC has decided to close down mink farming in the province permanently because of the health risks. Transmission This article says that 40 people from the Clearbrook Mennonite Brethren Church in Abbotsford (a pro-vax church) have gotten COVID-19; 11 have been hospitalized. The church voluntarily closed in-person services. Statistics… Continue reading 2021-11-05 BC

2021-11-04 BC

Karma This article says that Mak Parhar, a literal flat-earther and COVID-denier has died. While the official cause of death has not been determined blah blah, he had recently complained of symptoms which sure looked similar to COVID-19 symptoms. Press Briefing Today there was a briefing on modelling (slides, video). Briefly, because I am bored… Continue reading 2021-11-04 BC

2021-11-03 BC

Pathology This article reports that there were a record-breaking 55 double-lung transplants in 2020, nine of them because of lung damage from COVID-19. So far this year, there have been 52. Statistics +430 cases, +5 deaths, +7,789 first doses, +3,188 second doses, +4,646 other doses.  Currently X* in hospital / 137 in ICU, 4,373 active… Continue reading 2021-11-03 BC

2021-11-01 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that 3,325 health-care workers across the province haven’t been vaxxed and have been put on leave without pay, leading to reductions in services at hospitals in the Interior and Fraser health authorities, plus some surgery postponements. I’m sure Minister Dix will give us incredibly detailed statistics on everything at tomorrow’s… Continue reading 2021-11-01 BC

2021-10-29 BC

Mitigation Measures The province announced that the indoors mask mandate was being extended indefinitely. This article reports that BCers can now get the federal vax passport. Statistics +584 cases, +9 deaths. I’m unsure of the vaccinations, but something like +6,797 first doses, +3,787 second doses, +8,731 other doses. Currently 436 in hospital / 156 in… Continue reading 2021-10-29 BC

2021-10-28 BC

Today’s dashboard vaccine numbers still don’t make any sense, so still no vax charts. Isolation This article says that there has been a spike in cases among Nanaimo’s homeless, who are having difficulty isolating. Mitigation Measures/Assholes This article reports on a court case which is wending its way through the system. There’s a group challenging… Continue reading 2021-10-28 BC