2022-04-02/03/04 BC


This article reports that 9 of 11 cruise ships which were supposed to go to Victoria have already cancelled, probably because of COVID-19 cases.


This article reports that Premier Horgan has COVID-19.


This article has things slightly garbled, I think. It says that it’s no longer required to report the results of your self-test, but I think it’s that it’s no longer possible to report the results. The web page is down, they aren’t collecting the data any more. (I believe it was never required, just requested, and not even requested very hard.)


The Canadian vax supply page says that Canada has received 1M Novavax doses, of which 135K will go to BC.


The language in today’s press release implies that the province is only going to give out data every Thursday, without actually saying so. The dashboard also wasn’t updated today. Great. Just great to shut off the data flow right as we are going into the BA.2 wave.

  • Fri/Sat: +274 cases
  • Sat/Sun: +199 cases
  • Sun/Mon: +255 cases

About 3,552 doses per day over the weekend. Currently 321 (a big jump!) in hospital / 36 in ICU.

Case information is provisional. There was no information about deaths; they say they will give deaths information on Thursday.

I can’t give the % of all BCians because the dashboard is not updating.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.8%91.5%59.5%
of over-12s93.5%91.1%57.7%
of over-5s90.9%87.4%*
of all BCians>90.0%>86.5%>53.4%