2021-09-17 General

COVID-19 Origins

This preprint says they have found a bat coronavirus which looks really close to SARS-CoV-2. It looks to me like that’s the origin!

Does this mean an end to speculation about SARS-CoV-2 coming from a Chinese lab? Oh hell no, because they have too much fun with conspiracy theories and because it’s not an exact match.


This detailed report from the UK government (from 1 April 2021) goes into detail about several ways to estimate the Long COVID rate, and has comparisons with other studies:

Method/Study4-8 weeks12 weeks
Prevalence of any symptom at a point in time after infection9.4%5.0%
Prevalence of continuous symptoms after infection11.4%3.0%
Prevalence of self-reported long COVID14.1%11.7%
Prevalence among symptomatic infections27.0%6.7%
COVID Symptom Study13.3%2.3%
UK National Core Studies (severe)3.0% to 13.7%1.2% to 5.4%
REACT-2 Study37.7%
PHOSP-COVID Study (post-hospitalization)71%


I don’t usually talk about other countries much, but this is interesting: the US Food and Drug Administration decided not to recommend boosters for everybody, but did decide to recommend boosters for people over 65.