2021-09-17 BC


Parents entered a school in the Interior and caused a lockdown.

This tweet says that schools starting didn’t seem to cause a big spike in cases in children, but there is chatter on Twitter that parents are having trouble getting their kids tested. There’s also chatter that a rhinovirus is going around.


The BC COVID-19 Modelling group has made another set of projections. It says that Northern Health is in bad shape, but that things are getting better everywhere else, the recent mitigation measures are a good thing, and wow it sucks to be Alberta or Saskatchewan right now.

They also say that areas with 90% vax rates have 4.3x fewer COVID-19 cases.

I’m including this picture mostly because it’s pretty, but it also shows how vaccination has been progressing recently:

The amount of COVID-19 in wastewater can be seen for Metro Vancouver, and the trend is going downward. For example:

Even Langley, which has had a very high case rate recently, has had dropping levels:


+768 cases, +11 deaths, +9,381 first doses, +7,470 second doses.

Currently 298 in hospital / 135 in ICU, 6,031 active cases, 169,653 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults87.0%79.8%
of over-12s86.5%78.9%
of all BCers78.7%71.8%


From this tweet, it looks like the recent deaths might be in large part from long-term care home outbreaks:

Vax rates by age, first dose, from the Government of Canada vaccination web page:

and second dose:

Outcomes by vaccination status, from the most recent BC CDC Data Summary page: