2021-09-16 General


IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, GET A VACCINE. This article says that pregnant people are five times more likely to get admitted to hospital and ten times more likely to end up in the ICU.

According to this article, Health Canada has approved vaccine names:

  • Moderna -> Spikevax
  • Pfizer -> Comirnaty
  • AZ -> Vaxzevria

With that, I’m going to start referring to the vaccines by their trade names instead of by the company name. This is partly because there is going to come a time in the not-too-distant future when companies are going to have multiple COVID-19 vaccines. (Moderna and Pfizer already have different experimental vaccines for different variants.)

I will keep a list of manufacturers and brand names here.

Health Canada gave full approval to Spikevax today.

This preprint from Scotland found waning, but not much.


The preprint also says that their best model is of a virus with a time-invariant efficacy of 83% underneath a waning portion with a half-life of 17 days.

Recommended Reading

This article talks about immunity from vaccines vs. immunity from infection: which is better and why? (Spoiler: get the shot.)