2021-04-11 BC

Vaccination Clinics

The province is going to do an all-of-community vaccination of Whistler over the next two weeks, like they did with Prince Rupert a few weeks ago, to try to contain the outbreak there.

One might ask why they didn’t do this before the outbreak got out of control, and I think the answer is pretty clear: they didn’t have the vax then. The outbreak started in early March, and look at the supply availability graph:

Right now, we have ~380 kilodoses in the fridges, while on 6 March, we had ~66K.

Also, during the week of 6 March, we hadn’t even started vaccinating the 90+ living in the community! You gonna take the limited vax from Grandma in order to vaccinate a 27 y/o ski bum? Ha, good luck finding the political will to do that.