2021-04-11 General


A followup on the J&J adverse reactions yesterday says that it was no big deal, but the same thing happened in Colorado. One person had an allergic reaction, but the others basically felt woozy/light-headed. Nine people were treated with juice and water.

One possible explanation is that people who don’t like needles are probably preferentially signing up for the J&J (since it is one shot). Those who don’t like needles are probably more likely to faint or get woozy.


Apparently vaccinations can mess with menstruation, changing the timing and/or the flow. And of course it isn’t tracked well. (Damn patriarchy!) Here’s an article which looks at the science a bit.


There’s a new variant in town: B.1.617. It’s not classified as a Variant Of Concern yet, just a Variant Of Interest, but it comes from the area of India which is having a bad outbreak right now.