2021-09-17 General

COVID-19 Origins

This preprint says they have found a bat coronavirus which looks really close to SARS-CoV-2. It looks to me like that’s the origin!

Does this mean an end to speculation about SARS-CoV-2 coming from a Chinese lab? Oh hell no, because they have too much fun with conspiracy theories and because it’s not an exact match.


This detailed report from the UK government goes into detail about several ways to estimate the Long COVID rate, and has comparisons with other studies:

Method/Study4-8 weeks12 weeks
Prevalence of any symptom at a point in time after infection9.4%5.0%
Prevalence of continuous symptoms after infection11.4%3.0%
Prevalence of self-reported long COVID14.1%11.7%
Prevalence among symptomatic infections27.0%6.7%
COVID Symptom Study13.3%2.3%
UK National Core Studies (severe)3.0% to 13.7%1.2% to 5.4%
REACT-2 Study37.7%
PHOSP-COVID Study (post-hospitalization)71%


I don’t usually talk about other countries much, but this is interesting: the US Food and Drug Administration decided not to recommend boosters for everybody, but did decide to recommend boosters for people over 65.

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