2021-05-07 General

Drug interactions Apparently some people were worried that Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) would make a COVID infection worse. Not so, says this study. Variants Remember yesterday when I said that B.1.617.2 was not of concern? I was too fast. While it does not seem to have unusually good immunity/vaccine evasion, it does seem to be… Continue reading 2021-05-07 General

2021-05-06 General

My computer is in the shop, and working with my other computers is extremely painful, so these posts are likely to be shorter in the next six days. I particularly am likely to skip posting many “oh look, vaccines again show that they are really effective!” unless it is against a VOC. Variants There was… Continue reading 2021-05-06 General

2021-05-05 General

Vaccines Pfizer has been approved down to age 12, yay!! Moderna has been doing a clinical trial with a booster made to mimic the spike proteins of B.1.351 instead of COVID Classic, and their press release says it works better against B.1.351 and P.1 than a third shot of Moderna Classic. (Note: it “works better”… Continue reading 2021-05-05 General

2021-05-04 General

Vaccines Good news — we should expect immunity to COVID-19 to last a long time. This preprint says that COVID immunity lasts for at least eight months, yay! This paper found antibodies to MERS six years after infection, and this paper found antibodies to SARS after SEVENTEEN years! (SARS and MERS are both closely related… Continue reading 2021-05-04 General

2021-05-03 General

Quarantine This article describes a quarantine loophole for Canada. If show that you had COVID already, you get to quarantine at home instead of at a quarantine hotel. Unfortunately, there’s not a standardized form for positive tests, so it would be easy to forge. Nobody knows if/how many forgeries there are. Vaccines The New York… Continue reading 2021-05-03 General

2021-05-02 General

Vaccines You know how I keep saying we are going to have SO MUCH VAX?From an April 22 Economist article (emphasis mine): “Last week, the billionth dose of covid-19 vaccine was made. It is a sign of how greatly capacity has expanded over the past six months that the next billion could be produced by May 27th,… Continue reading 2021-05-02 General

2021-05-01 General

Vaccines This graph comes from a tweet from someone I don’t know claiming to use Our World in Data data. I have not verified it, but it looks plausible: Note that 80% of the doses in Uruguay are Sinovac. Hungary uses a lot of different vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Sinopharm, Sputnik V, and… Continue reading 2021-05-01 General

2021-04-30 General

Vaccines Pfizer has shipped some vax from its US plant to Mexico. This is a big f deal. The US has huuuuuge manufacturing capacity, but the was keeping it all to itself. For all that capacity to now be able to distribute to the rest of the world means that the vax rollout everywhere else… Continue reading 2021-04-30 General

2021-04-28/9 General

I was busy on 28 April, sorry. I’m also getting bored with articles/papers which say: OMG look at how well vaccines work! People in a group known to have poor immune responses to vaccines have poor response to just one dose of COVID vax, and should be prioritized for second doses! Here’s yet another vaccine… Continue reading 2021-04-28/9 General

2021-04-27 General

Measures There’s an interesting report on pandemics which were stopped and how it was done. (It’s long, though.) Vaccines Ho-hum, even more vaccines in the news. Today Vietnam’s Nano Covax and Cuba’s Abdala had promising new. (We are going to have SO. MUCH. VAX!)