2022-01-27 General


This study found that pregnant women were 1.77x as likely to develop preeclampsia if they got COVID-19; women who had not given birth before were 1.89x as likely. They found the risk of a preterm birth for all pregnant women with both COVID-19 and preeclampsia was 4.05x (and 6.26x for women who had never given birth before) versus healthy women.

The risk of an adverse maternal outcome (as opposed to a bad outcome for the baby) compared to healthy women was:

  • 1.76x for women with COVID-19 but not preeclampsia,
  • 2.07x for women with preeclampsia but not COVID-19, and
  • 2.77x for women who had both.

Pregnant people, get vaccinated!

This article reports that Canadians’ life expectancy dropped by six months last year, mostly due to COVID-19. (It’s now 81.7 years.)


If you had forgotten that vaccines wane in effectiveness, here’s a reminder. This preprint found that effectiveness against infection dropped by 54·9%, and effectiveness against severe disease dropped by 40·0%, especially for people over 60 who got AZ.

This blog post has an amazing amount of information about mix&match studies.

Here’s an updated report from the UK with further info on the Moderna/Pfizer booster against Delta/Omicron. Infection:

and hospitalization:

This study‘s data is kind of old (before 1 June 2021), but reports that while two doses of Pfizer is quite effective against getting infected (89.4%), if you did get infected, it was not very good at keeping you from passing it on (23.0%).

This study found that having one parent out of two vaccinated decreased the risk to children by 26.0% during the Alpha wave and 20.8% during the Delta wave. Having both parents vaccinated decreased the risk to children by 71.7% during Alpha and 58.1% during Delta.


This study found that, 1 year after being in the ICU with COVID-19, 74.3% of patients had physical symptoms, 26.2% had mental symptoms, and 16.2% had cognitive symptoms.