2022-01-19 General


This preprint says that there were zero children in France who had been fully vaccinated and went on to develop MIS-C.


This preprint says that kids recover pretty well from MIS-C.

This speculative preprint wonders if maybe the reason kids have milder symptoms and MIS-C after a delay is because their bodies make a different trade-off than adult bodies: they spend less energy on fighting disease in order to spend more energy on growth. The downside would be that they wouldn’t clear disease as fast, and that delayed disease clearance would allow occasional superantigen-mediated immune activation.


This paper measured a bunch of cognitive abilities in people who had had mild COVID-19 infections, and found that even thought they thought they were fine and fully recovered, there were measurable deficits in episodic memory and in “keep paying attention” task. The good news is that there were a ton of cognitive measurements which were the same between survivors and controls, and that there was a correlation between recency of infection and how poorly they did on the episodic memory and vigilance tests. (In other words, they got better over time, and were practically indistinguishable from controls at 6-9 months.)


This article reports that remdesivir cut the risk of going on a ventilator by half.

Recommended Reading

This article talks about how hard it is to estimate what the actual COVID-19 death toll is.

This article talks about transmission from humans to animals, especially mink.