2021-12-24 General

This is short because Happy Christmas Eve!


This paper from October says that there is 1.7x variation in PCR test results over the course of a day, with 2pm being the time when an infected person will have the highest viral load.

This article says that it’s not legal for you to redistribute rapid antigen tests you get from abroad, even to give to your friends.


This Twitter thread (from a NYC doc) and this Twitter thread (from a SF doc) both argue that it’s been long enough to see hospitalizations and.. they are not. The NYC doc thinks that maybe the Omicron observed CHR is ~3% that of Delta! That would be amazing. (That still would lead to a bump in hospitalizations.)

On the other hand, this site shows hospitalizations are increasing relatively quickly in New York City, unlike the graphs the NYC doc showed, so now I’m confused again.