2021-09-28 BC

Mitigation Methods

This article says that TransLink is going to put copper — which is an anti-microbial — on a lot of high-touch surfaces as part of a pilot program.

This article says that the province has announced restrictions for the eastern Fraser Valley in response to surging cases there.

The province also said that it would be starting to give third doses to seniors living in long-term care homes and assisted living homes, and that they would resume notifying parents about school exposures.


The vaccines were supposed to reduce hospitalizations and deaths. But today, the 7-day rolling average of deaths was 6.0, which is higher than it’s been since 18 February 2021, which was in-between the second and third waves. Perhaps it is related to the number of health-care outbreaks we are having: right now there are 22 active outbreaks in long-term care and assisted living homes.

It would make sense for them to be getting boosters into the elder homes now.


This article says that people are facing long lines at testing centres.


+652 cases, +2 deaths imputed.

Currently 316 in hospita l/ 141 in ICU, 5,992 active cases, 177,113 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults88.3%81.4%
of over-12s87.8%80.6%
of all BCers79.9%73.3%


From this tweet:

Note: the dashboard didn’t get updated for vaccines today. I was able to make an approximation for the above graph, but I couldn’t make the other two.