2021-09-23 BC


This article says that yesterday was a record-breaking testing day, especially in Abbotsford. 45% of today’s cases were in Fraser.


For some reason, the fact that the province only counts people who are currently contagious with COVID-19 in their hospitalization numbers is getting attention right now. The policy means that we don’t know how many people who went into the hospital for COVID-19 are still there.

This is not news, I’ve known about this for months (and I think I mentioned it here), so I don’t know why people are making a fuss now.


+832 cases, +5 deaths, +8,020 first doses, +8,786 second doses.

Currently 330 in hospital / 148 in ICU, 5,697 active cases, 173,786 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults87.8%80.7%
of over-12s87.3%79.9%
of all BCers79.5%72.6%


From this article: