2021-09-11/12/13 BC

Press Briefing

Today, Dr. Henry announced that all health care workers who operated under provincial systems (i.e. private practices excluded) would need to be vaxxed by Oct. 26.

Dr.. Henry also announced that they would give third doses to immunocompromised people. She was careful to say that this was not a booster, it was the third dose in their series. She said that ~40% of immunocompromised people don’t get ANY protection from two doses, but half of them respond to a third dose. As far as everybody else, they have been monitoring, and they are not seeing the same kind of immunity dropoff that e.g. Israel and USA are reporting. However, she pointed out, BC gave most people a long interval between dose1 and dose2, while the USA and Israel had short intervals.


There was an anti-vaccination passport protest today.


Fri/Sat: +823 new cases
Sat/Sun: +641 new cases
Sun/Mon: +520 new cases

Over the weekend, +9 deaths, average of +5,464 first doses, +6,021 second doses.

Currently 278 in hospital / 139 in ICU, 5,825 active cases, 167,078 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults86.4%79.3%
of over-12s85.8%78.4%
of all BCers78.1%71.3%