2021-07-23 BC


This article says that 78%/18%/4% of the cases between June 15 and July 15 were in in people who had zero/one/two doses.

I’m not sure these figure really tells us anything interesting. These numbers doesn’t tell us about how severe those cases were and the number of vaccinations went up very quickly during this period. (67.6%/12.9% of the total population was single/double-vaxxed on 15 June and 72.3%/44.2% on 15 July.)

From the government’s vaccination stats page, here are charts for the percent of the population with one and two doses, respectively:

My reaction to the one-dose graph: Go teens! Look how much the 12-17 year-olds have been vaxxed!

Here’s another way of looking at BC vaccinations, from this thread:

There was a point around the beginning of June where the rate of people getting first doses dropped significantly. I had a sense of “oh, we’ve run out of people who are going to get a first dose.” However, I have been surprised at how consistently BC has continued to increase first doses. It has slowed down, sure, but even for the past three weeks, it’s still been a very consistent 0.1% per day. That’s ~3% per month.


The weekly Variants of Concern report says that about 40% of cases in BC were the Delta variant in the week ending July 17.


+112 cases, +4 deaths, +5,201 first doses, +55,675 second doses (of which 193 were AZ.)

Currently 46 in hospital / 17 in ICU, 603 active cases, 146,463 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults81.3%61.4%
of over-12s80.3%58.1%
of all BCers73.1%52.8%

We have 722,667 doses in fridges, which we will use up in 12.1 days at last week’s rate. We’ve given more doses than we’d received by 18 days ago.

We have 660,280 mRNA doses in fridges, which we will use up in 11.0 days at last week’s rate. We’ve given more mRNA doses than we’d received by 18 days ago.

We have 62,387 AZ doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 383 days at last week’s rate.

There is so little AZ use that I’m going to stop reporting it unless someone asks for it.

Also, note that when I say “we have xxx amount in the fridges”, I don’t actually know. The number I report is the amount that has been delivered minus what has expired, got dropped, got left on the counter overnight, the cat ate, etc. I am hearing that some of the AZ has reached its exipry date, but I don’t have any hard info on that.

It is a real shame to waste supply, but apparently there is no process for BC to give vax back to the feds so they can donate it; there’s no process for BC to donate it to other countries themselves.