2021-06-16 BC


More vaccination appointments have opened up, which might mean that the big Moderna shipment (of 392K doses) has arrived. If you have already booked, you might be able to move up by doing the following:

  • Find your confirmation email with your booking confirmation number (the email message will be from BCVaccDoNotReply@hlth.gov.bc.ca). (You can also try https://www.getvaccinated.gov.bc.ca/s/cancel-booking .)
  • Enter your booking confirmation code and Personal Health Number, then continue.
  • Enter a city, the select a vaccine center. You’ll see a list of possible dates for that venue (which might be full up, try another vaccination centre).

Hopefully that will get you an earlier date. Let’s make sure that no slot goes unfilled!

The asshole millionaires who flew up to Yukon and pretended to be locals got found guilty and fined.

Some first-dose pop-up clinics in Fraser Health are giving second doses if they aren’t too busy.


Today: +113 cases, +4 deaths, +8,881 first doses, +53,356 second doses. Currently 134 in hospital / 41 in ICU, 1,454 active cases, 143,449 recovered.

Zero cases in Northern Health today!

  • BC has given first doses to:
  • 76.3% of adults
  • 74.6% of over-12s
  • 67.7% of all BCers
  • We have given second doses to:
  • 15.7% of adults
  • 15.4% of over-12s
  • 13.9% of of all BCers

NOTE: The dashboard — where I get my supply numbers from — does not add up today. There are 34,100 mystery doses in the total but not allocated to any brand. I credited it to Moderna for now, but all the following numbers are suspect.

We have 430,568 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 7.3 days at last week’s rate. We’ve given more doses than we’d received by 8 days ago.

We have 360,199 mRNA doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 6.0 days at last week’s rate. We’ve given more mRNA doses than we’d received by 7 days ago.

We have 70,369 AZ doses in fridges; we’ll use it in 11.5 days at last week’s rate.