2021-04-2/3 BC

It’s been kind of slow, with Good Friday yesterday and a Saturday today.


Fourteen Canucks players and three coaches have tested positive for COVID, and the reports are that the P.1 variant is in at least some of the players. Games will be postponed until at least April 8, but daaaayam, 14 players out of a max of 23? That’s 60% of the players.

Not only that, but a lot of people take quite a while to recover. What if three or four players get Long COVID?


Ontario has right about the same number of cases as we do, but they have 75% more ICU cases than BC does. Meanwhile, a BC doctor tweeted that they are seeing a large inflow of COVID patients into hospital today.


There was a tweet that the Costco in Surrey was taking walk-ins aged 55-65 for AZ shots. I thought, “Costco has shots? I thought it was just 3 London’s and 147 Shoppers.” I then called the Vancouver Costco and the first thing the automated response system said (after identifying the store) was that they had no vaccines.

The tweet made it sound like they were pretty desperate to give shots. Of the 68K SII doses, 41K expired yesterday, so maybe there were some still floating around which expired yesterday? I would have thought that because they reported having given 36,264 of the SIIs by Thursday (meaning that, if they did things intelligently, they would only have 4,736 expiring doses left).

I looked at the list of pharmacies, and they have added a bunch.


The stats were abbreviated today.

Thu/Fri: +1,018 cases
Fri/Sat: +1072 cases

+69,152 first doses of the two days, +61 second doses. Currently 90 people in ICU.