2021-03-30 General


Yet another paper which finds that, surprisingly, antibodies against COVID Classic work much better against P.1 than against B.1.351.

A paper says that AstraZeneca is 70% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID from B.1.1.7 and only 29% effective against asymptomatic COVID from B.1.1.7, ouch. The paper says that it is 82% effective against symptomatic illness from COVID Classic and 70% effective against asymptomatic illness from COVID Classic.

An article reports that scientists found that T-cells in people who had recovered from COVID before the VOCs came out still worked pretty well against the major VOCs. This is good. Many studies have shown that the antibodies — created by B-cells — are not as good against the variants, but B-cells are only part of the adaptive immune system.