Vaccine Effectiveness against Pre-Omicron VOCs

This is a mostly moribund page that compares vaccine effectiveness against COVID Classic, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta strains. It started out as a page mostly for comparison studies, but in the middle, it shifted to being a place for all pre-Omicron post-COVID-Classic studies. Nobody really cares about pre-Omicron VOCs any more, so I probably won’t give it much love and attention.

And yes, I know that the table is to wide and unwieldy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

See the disclaimers on the Vaccine Effectiveness against COVID Classic page.

BrandWhereAgainstvs. Classicvs. Alpha / B.1.1.7vs. Beta / B.1.351vs Gamma / P.1vs. Delta / B.1.617.2
Pfizer95%excellentprob okay?unknown
PfizerQatarinfection 1 dosex29.5%16.9%x
PfizerQatarhospitalization 1 dosex54.1%0.0%[3]
AZUK / Brazil / South Africasymptomatic?82%74.9%22%unknown
NovavaxUK / South Africasymptomatic?95.6% or 89.3%85.6%60%unknown
J&J (Janssen)US / Latin America / South Africasymptomatic?72% [1]unknown57%unknown
SinovacBrazil / Turkey / Indonesia / Chilesymptomatic?83.7%? [2]
AZUKsymptomatic 1 dose51%33%
AZUKsymptomatic 2 doses66%60%
PfizerUKsymptomatic 1 dose49%33%
PfizerUKsymptomatic 2 doses93%88%
PfizerUKhospitalization 1 dose83%94%
PfizerUKhospitalization 2 doses95%96%
AZUKhospitalization 1 dose76%71%
AZUKhospitalization 2 doses86%92%
NovavaxSouth Africainfection, HIV+49%
NovavaxSouth Africainfection, HIV-55%
ModernaOntarioinfection 1 dose54%83%77%see Beta [4]72%
PfizerOntarioinfection 1 dose61%66%60%see Beta
AZOntarioinfection 1 dose67%64%48%see Beta
ModernaOntarioinfection 2 doses89%92%xsee Beta
PfizerOntarioinfection 2 doses93%89%84%see Beta
ModernaOntariohospitalization or death 1 dose57%79%xsee Beta
PfizerOntariohospitalization or death 1 dose 68%80%77%see Beta
AZOntariohospitalization or death 1 dosex85%83%see Beta
ModernaOntariohospitalization or death 2 doses96%94%xxx
PfizerOntariohospitalization or death 2 doses96%95%95%see Beta
ModernaQatarinfection 1 dose88.1%61.3%
ModernaQatarinfection 2 doses100%96.4%
AZBrazilsymptomatic infection63.6%
AZEnglandinfection 1 dose48.7%30.7%
AZEnglandinfection 2 doses74.5%67.0%
PfizerEnglandinfection 1 dose47.5%35.6%
PfizerEnglandinfection 2 doses93.7%88.0%
J&JSouth Africahospitalization 67%71%
PfizerDenmarkasymptomatic infection81.0%78.8%
AZ or AZ+mRNADenmarkasymptomatic infection95.9%88.1%
ModernaDenmarkasymptomatic infection93.2%73.7%
AZ or AZ+mRNADenmarkhospitalizationN/A96.6%
PfizerSouthern Californiainfection75%
Johnson & JohnsonUSAinfection78%[5]
Johnson & JohnsonUSAhospitalization85%[5]
CloverPhilippines, Colombia, South Africa, Brazil, Belgiuminfection91.8%78.7%
CloverPhilippines, Colombia, South Africa, Brazil, Belgiumhospitalization100%100%
NovavaxUSinfection in 12-17 y/os82.0%
J&JSouth Africahospitalization in healthcare workers (Sisonke study)62%67%
South Africadeath in healthcare workers (Sisonke study)86%82%

“or” means that different sources reported different things

[1] US study.  66% in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico)

[2] Trial was in Brazil, but unknown how much P.1 was in the sample.

[3] From the counts of who was hospitalized and who wasn’t, this didn’t look to me like it should be 0%, but I couldn’t completely understand the data.

[4] For the Ontario multi-VOC study, they grouped Beta and Gamma together.

[5] For the Johnson & Johnson study, this data was from June/July 2021 in US states where Delta was predominant.

The Sisonke study of J&J in South Africa vaccinated a huge number of health care workers from Feb 17 to May 17, 2021, followed them until July 17, 2021.