2022-02-14 BC


Fri/Sat: +1,151 cases
Sat/Sun: +883 cases
Sun/Mon: +667 cases

Over weekend, approximately +6 deaths/day, +1,089 first doses, +4,981 second doses, +19,041 other doses per day.

Currently 803 in hospital / 119 in ICU.

first dosessecond dosesthird doses
of adults93.5%90.9%55.3%
of over-12s93.1%90.5%52.7%
of over-5s90.4%85.3%*
of all BCers89.5%84.5%48.9%

Note: The census figures for BC just came out, saying that BC’s population is 5,000,879. I had been using a population count of 5.1 million to calculate the percent of all BCers; today I changed to use 5.0 million, which made the last row of the table jump up.


From the province’s Regional Surveillance Dashboard:

From this tweet: