2021-11-19 General


This article reports that Health Canada and NACI have approved the pediatric Pfizer vaccine for 5-11 year olds! Interestingly, NACI says that kids should space the influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations, not because they shots are less effective, but because if there is an adverse effect, they want to be able to tell which shot it came from.

This presentation from Pfizer on a two-month randomized control trial of two doses of Pfizer plus either a booster or a placebo has this chart vaccine efficacy against symptomatic infection:

Reminder: the blue line is two doses of Pfizer, which is pretty darn good already. The boosted vax had 95.3% efficacy against symptomatic infection versus two doses of Pfizer.


This US CDC report says that pregnant people with COVID-19 were twice as likely to have stillbirths as people without COVID-19. GET YOUR VACCINATIONS, PREGNANT PEOPLE!

Variants of Concern

You might have heard of Delta AY 4.2 or Delta E484K. This thread says they aren’t scarier than Delta Classic.

Mitigation Measures

This article reports that Canada will no longer require PCR tests from fully-vaccinated Canadian citizens who have been out of the country for less than 72 hours, yay!