2021-11-16 General


This preprint says that they found a chemical signature (elevated IL-1ß, IL-6 and TNF-α) associated with Long COVID. This is good for two reasons: it can help “prove” to doctors that the patients really have Long COVID and aren’t just lazy and it can suggest what the problem is and hence how to treat it.

This preprint found that Long COVID was distressingly common in breakthrough cases, even in non-hospitalized patients.

This preprint did a meta-analysis of Long COVID papers and found a global average of 43% of patients with Long COVID.


This preprint found that COVID-19 patients using an automated SMS-based checkin system were 30% less likely to die.

Recommended Reading

This article talks about how healthcare workers in droves (US-centric). Money quote: “Health-care workers aren’t quitting because they can’t handle their jobs. They’re quitting because they can’t handle being unable to do their jobs.”