2021-09-14 BC


+677 cases, +1 death, +6,527 first doses, +5,866 second doses.

Currently 288 in hospital / 140 in ICU, 6,165 active cases, 167,416 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults86.5%79.4%
of over-12s86.0%78.5%
of all BCers78.2%71.4%

Health Minister Adrian Dix tweeted that 92% of people in the ICU today are unvaxxed:

Vaccination rate by age as of 13 September, via Richard Zussman:

These numbers don’t match exactly the graphs I showed on Friday, but I bet it’s because they are using slightly different population numbers in the denominator of the fraction. Regardless of the details, BC has vaxxed a lot of people!