2021-09-08 General


This large study from Scotland from March 2020 to November 2020 found that household members of healthcare workers were less than half as likely to get an infection after the healthcare worker got vaccinated. (Note: don’t forget that some of the household members got infected in the community.)

This study of Pfizer found that:

  • effectiveness against infection dropped from 88% after one month to 47% after 5 months;
  • effectiveness against Delta was 75%, all the other strains (combined) was 91%;
  • effectiveness against Delta dropped from 93% after one month to 53% after four months.

Mitigation Measures

This article says that the Canadian federal government will continue income support for people and wage and rent subsidies for businesses until 23 Oct 2021. Supplemental unemployment payments have also been extended for four more weeks.


This article says that the average cost of treating a hospitalized COVID-19 patient is CAD$23,000 on average: $55,000 for ICU patients and $15,000 for non-ICU patients.

Recommended Reading

This site has a number of links to articles on the ethical considerations for vaccinations. (Disclaimer: I have not read any of them, so don’t actually know if they are any good.)

If you or someone you care about are immunocompromised, you might want to look through this thread which lists THIRTY FRICKIN FIVE studies of vaccines in immunocompromised people of various sorts. I’m not going to list them all.