2021-07-22 General


This article suggests that one reason why Quebec is seeing so few Delta cases compared to other provinces is because they’ve got more of something else: A.2.5, first seen in Central America. It’s not a VOC yet, but they are keeping their eye on it.


This study of Pfizer found that neutralizing antibodies were higher for a long dosing interval (6-14 weeks) compared to a short interval (3-4 weeks).

This study, done with data from March to July 2021 in Houston, and the proportion of COVID-19 cases in double-vaxxed people was about three times higher for Delta than for every other strain.


This preprint says that asymptomatic people in South Africa (which will probably have a high level of Beta cases) are about as likely to infect others as symptomatic people — 16% to 12%, respectively. Teens spread it just as well as older people, but pre-teens were less likely to catch COVID-19, and less likely to spread it if they caught it.

This study shows that it is possible with some relatively simple measures — for kids to ride school buses without spreading COVID-19.

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