2021-04-07 BC


Two more Canucks players have gone into COVID-19 quarantine, plus three on the taxi squad. They are up to 19 of their 22 players, 86%. Apparently someone ate at a restaurant when they weren’t supposed to.


The US CDC updated its warning to US citizens, telling them not to travel to Canada, adding that ‘Even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk’. LOL BC’s daily case count per 10K is just under 2, while Michigan’s is three times that. We have some B.1.351, true, and the AZ vaccine is shit against B.1.351, true, but:

  • the amount of B.1.351 circulating in BC is tiny tiny tiny,
  • the US doesn’t even use AZ; the mRNA vaxxes work just great against it (and all the other variants), and
  • the US doesn’t even know how much B.1.351 they have circulating because their surveillance is crummy, especially compared to BC’s.

So I’m all for US citizens not coming to Canada. (Uh, well, except for *cough* dual citizens who *cough* live here.) Keep your germs down there!


BC is no longer going to do screening on all of the positive tests. Instead, they are going to do sampling.

The article is not clear if that means they are not going to do the faster (1-day) SNIP screening to see if it is likely to be a VOC, or the slower whole genome sequencing (3-6 days?) that they were doing on all the things that the SNIP test flagged.


Today: +997 cases, +2 deaths, +34,010 first doses, +30 second doses, +4609 AZ doses.

VOC counts not available.

Currently 330 people in hospital / 105 in ICU, 8,728 active cases, 14,602 under monitoring, 96,626 recovered.

We have 437,734 doses in the fridges; it will take 12.5 days at the today’s rate to get through it; we are still 7.5 days behind supply.