2021-04-01 General


There is yet another study showing how good the vaccines are. This one, from Pfizer, shows that the vaccine remains 91% effective for at least six months, and is fully effective against B.1.351.

Canada has given regulatory approval to the factory which made the AstraZeneca doses which the US is loaning to Canada! The doses were supposed to arrive today, but I don’t have confirmation that they landed.


There’s a report by the UK government looking at Long COVID. It uses self-reported numbers, but says that 1.1M people in the UK had any Long COVID symptoms for more than four weeks at the beginning of March 2021, with about 200K saying they had really severe symptoms. According to Our World in Data for the UK, there were about 4M confirmed COVID cases in early March. Even accepting that the number of confirmed cases is an undercount, 1.1M (or even 200K) is a lot.