2023-03-23 BC

Assholes This article says that a BC pharmacist got busted falsifying his own vax records, and has been punished (slightly). Economics This article says that the province is putting $479M into Translink to avoid a “death spiral” (where increasing fares and declining service lead to declining ridership, which leads to increasing fares and declining service,… Continue reading 2023-03-23 BC

2023-02-24 BC tiny

Wastewater Yes, yes, I posted the province’s wastewater charts yesterday, but I like Jeff’s spreadsheet‘s charts better, so here they are: It’s hard to tell because the data is so noisy, but maybe Vancouver and Fraser are trending up? They aren’t going down, for sure.

2022-11-04 BC tiny

Charts MetroVan COVID-19 levels in wastewater, from Jeff’s spreadsheet: I can actually see a very sloooooow decline in the Vancouver levels, but everywhere else seems pretty stable.

week ending 2022-07-14 BC

Buried in this article is the news that Dr. Henry is taking a 3-month vacation, which is why she wasn’t at last week’s press conference. She’s not dead and she didn’t get fired. Statistics This week’s BC CDC weekly report (dated 13 July) said that the week ending on 9 July there were: +973 cases, +211… Continue reading week ending 2022-07-14 BC

2022-06-17 BC tiny

Wastewater from my buddy Jeff’s spreadsheets using Metro Van data. The COVID levels are still dropping. Vancouver is at about half of its Delta peak, but Fraser, North Shore, and Richmond are all still running close to 3x of their Delta peak. The mix of variants from the BC CDC Variant of Concern report: This… Continue reading 2022-06-17 BC tiny

2022-03-17/18 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the number of visitors that long term care home residents can have has been increased, but it doesn’t actually say how many visitors residents can have. Statistics Wed/Thu: +240 cases, +7 deaths, +484 first doses, +1,975 second doses, +2,707 other doses. Thu/Fri: +199 cases, +6 deaths, +378 first doses,… Continue reading 2022-03-17/18 BC