2021-09-02 General


Go read this Twitter thread, please.


This Twitter thread pushes back on the “vaccines are waning!” crowd. They point out some of the things I had pointed out about sketchiness in the various studies, plus a few others.

Me, I think vaccines do wane in infectiousness some over time, but not as badly as some people say they are. (And they are still awesome against hospitalization.)

This preprint says that vaccinated people have symptoms for a shorter period (which supports what was found in this study) than unvaccinated people, and that in some people, the only place they could detect it was in saliva. This study says that mouthwashes reduce the amount of COVID-19 in saliva for six hours; maybe vaccinated people should just use mouthwash twice per day to avoid spreading it? (I am presuming that talking spreads microscopic droplets of the speaker’s saliva.)

This article says that Moderna gives significantly more antibodies than Pfizer, especially in those over 50. Also, among those who got Pfizer, people over 50 who got Pfizer produced fewer antibodies than people under 50, but older people and younger people who got Moderna had about the same level of antibodies. (Note the log scale.)

Recommended Reading

This is a good Twitter thread on what we need to keep kids safe. Seriously, please go read it.

This article talks about the problems Novavax has been having, why it’s so hard to manufacture a vaccine.

This (long) article talks about the lab leak hypothesis, coming down on the “not a lab leak” side.

This article describes a household that took an interesting tack to keeping themselves collectively safe: they designed a points system.

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this three-part series looks at the possible fraud behind the claims that ivermectin cures COVID-19.