2021-06-14 General


Novavax announced that they have finished their Phase 3 trials with a 90.4% efficacy rate (with two-thirds of the infections being the Alpha strain). Their reported rate of “mild” (i.e. “only” make you uncomfortable) side effects was lower than any of the other Canadian-approved vaxes.

Novavax says they will seek FDA approval “in Q3”, which could mean July, could mean September.

Novavax should be cheap, it’s easier to store, has world-class effectiveness and lower side effects, and they just finished Phase1 trials of a version which is bundled with a influenza vax, so one-stop-shopping for your flu and COVID shot!

This is great news.

I keep forgetting: someone leaked the EU price list for vaccines:

Yep, vax protection lasts for (at least) a year, as this paper affirms.

This article says that 88% of Canadian adults want a vax. 🇨🇦 ❤️ 🇨🇦


This paper has a case study of four people in Switzerland who caught COVID indoors in a courtroom and were >1.5m away from the sick person. They took their masks off once they were seated and basically stayed there for three hours.

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This article describes three elements of the long-lasting immune system: cytotoxic T cells, antibodies, and helper T cells. It’s highly technical, but if you’re into that kind of thing it might be interesting.