2021-06-12 General


This paper says that women have a more robust response to vaccination than men do.

On 18 May, I talked about how live attenuated virus vaccines seem to rev up the innate immune system. I mentioned in that post that a smallpox vaccination reduced all-cause mortality more than attributable to smallpox deaths; I had also heard that measles drops all-cause mortality beyond measles deaths. I just ran across an article from 2015 which says that measles erases some learned immunity. It is clear from other studies that COVID-19 can attack the body’s immune system; I wonder if we will see a rise in other diseases infecting people post-COVID. (We probably wouldn’t see it immediately because I believe ALL infectious diseases are down right now, due to mitigation measures.)


As I suspected would happen, Canada will not release any of the J&J it got from the US’ Emergent BioSolutions plant.