2021-03-12 General


Respected COVID journalist Zeynep Tufekci points out problems with the claims that a very large percentage of the people who have Long COVID had very mild symptoms originally. She points out that the most commonly cited study has real problems with confirmation bias, definitions of “asymptomatic”, and missing baselines.


Novavax announced that they have finished their Phase 3 trials, with excellent results against preventing infection from COVID Classic (96%), good results against B.1.1.7 (86%), and crummy results against B.1.351 (55%). It prevented serious illness or death against all three strains. I think Canada will approve it in about three weeks.


Yet another study which says that the mRNA vaccines work just fine against B.1.1.7, and probably well enough against B.1.351. I’m getting tired of these studies. WE’LL BE FINE!


Most of the antibodies which they have identified which neutralize COVID have targeted the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the spike, which is what lets the spike unlock the ACE2 receptor. This preprint describes some antibodies which target the N-terminal domain (NTD) of the spike, which — if I understand correctly — is pretty similar in different COVID variants. That means that these antibodies ought to work well as monoclonal antibody therapies.


A Washington Post article says that far far few Americans are trying to stop smoking during the pandemic than before, and those that do try to quit need more emotional support.