Vaccine Names

Confused about which vaccines somebody is talking about? I don’t blame you.

ManufacturerResearch name(s)Trade nameVariant
AstraZenecaAZD1222 / ChAdOx1VaxzevriaClassic
Johnson&JohnsonJNJ-78436735 / Ad26.COV2.S / VAC31518 / Ad26COVS1Janssen COVID-19 VaccineClassic
Serum Institute of IndiaNVX-CoV2373CovovaxClassic
CloverSCB-2019not yetI’m not sure
Serum Institute of IndiaAZD1222 / ChAdOx1CovishieldClassic
Biological ECorbevax?CorbevaxClassic
VietnamNDV-HXP-S / HexaProCovivacClassic
Avimex (Mexico)NDV-HXP-S / HexaProPatriaClassic
Butantan Institute (Brazil)NDV-HXP-S / HexaProButanvaxClassic
Government Pharmaceutical Organization (Thailand)NDV-HXP-S / HexaPro?Classic

Note: the company that developed the vaccine is not always the same as the one which manufactures it.

  • Comirnaty is manufactured by Pfizer under license from BioNTech.
  • Covishield is manufactured by SII under license from AstraZeneca.
  • Covovax is manufactured by SII under license from Novavax.
  • Corbevax is manufactured by Biological E under (free) license from Baylor University.
  • The NDV-HXP-S vaccines are made under (free) license from the University of Texas at Austin (which developed the 6-proline stabilization) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (which did everything else).