2021-09-15 General

Vaccines I mentioned a study from England yesterday which looked at waning immunity. This tweet thread looks more closely, and there’s good stuff in the report that I missed. First, here’s the original study. Yes, it looks you’ve got a significant loss in effectiveness against infection if you look at the over-sixteens, but if you… Continue reading 2021-09-15 General

2021-08-16 BC

Vaccination Clinics This article says that one of the North Shore vax clinics is closing due to lack of demand (noting that the North Shore has really high vax rates). Statistics Fri/Sat: +532 casesSat/Sun: +441 casesSun/Mon: +461 cases +1 death, average +3,739 first doses, average +18,575 second doses over the weekend. Currently 104 in hospital… Continue reading 2021-08-16 BC

2021-07-17/18 General

Vaccines Canada has passed the USA in percentage of population that is fully vaxxed. This is bittersweet. I mean, yay us, but also it is so sad that hesitancy is so high in the US. Transmission This study found that patients caught COVID-19 from infected roommates 39% of the time. However, they also found that… Continue reading 2021-07-17/18 General

2021-04-19 General

Side effects Bad news for anybody who enjoys erections: COVID can cause erectile dysfunction. Vaccines There are starting to be a few reports of inflammation of the heart in young people after getting an mRNA vaccine. This is very early, so it might be nothing… but it also might be something. Aaaannnd this paper talks… Continue reading 2021-04-19 General

2021-04-16 General

Vaccines One might think you’d have to have quite a high vax rate before case counts would come down. Israel currently is basically back to normal, and their vax rate is only about 60%. Want to know more about what scientists think might be behind the AZ clotting issue? The Atlantic has a good article… Continue reading 2021-04-16 General

2021-03-03 BC

Vaccine Supply Canada got its first shipment of 500,000 doses of the Serum Institute of India-branded AstraZeneca vaccine today, but it hasn’t made it to BC yet. Statistics Today: +542 cases, +7 deaths, +1 B.1.351, +17 B.1.1.7, +6,548 first doses, +79 second doses. Currently 246 in hospital / 64 in ICU, 4,654 active cases, 8,617… Continue reading 2021-03-03 BC