2021-06-13 General

Supply Tl;dr: we have enough supply to vax the world before the end of 2021. I hear a lot of people being very concerned about the global supply, worried that it will be multiple years before we have enough doses to vax the world. I think there is a really good chance that we will… Continue reading 2021-06-13 General

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2021-06-12 General

Vaccines This paper says that women have a more robust response to vaccination than men do. On 18 May, I talked about how live attenuated virus vaccines seem to rev up the innate immune system. I mentioned in that post that a smallpox vaccination reduced all-cause mortality more than attributable to smallpox deaths; I had… Continue reading 2021-06-12 General

2021-06-11 BC

Supply The 37,500 doses of Johnson & Johnson vax that we have will probably have to be fucking scrapped; see today’s General post. Vaccinations Vaccinations are still progressing nicely in all age groups: Variants The Delta strain is nasty, as this tweet thread discusses: 64% more transmissible and 2x hospitalization risk. Statistics Today: +180 cases,… Continue reading 2021-06-11 BC

2021-06-11 General

Vaccines The US FDA told Johnson & Johnson that they had to scrap fucking sixty fucking million fucking doses of their vaccine because of fucking problems at their fucking Baltimore plant. This is heartbreaking. This matters outside of the USA because some of those doses went to other countries. For example, Canada has 300K doses… Continue reading 2021-06-11 General

2021-06-10 BC

Press Briefing I found the briefing kind of dull. Much of it was slides with information that was already posted in the Weekly Data Summary. Go read that, you’ll get most of it. The headline is that we’re doing well: case counts and hospitalizations are going down, deaths are low and stable, and we’re vaxxing… Continue reading 2021-06-10 BC

2021-06-10 General

Vaccines AstraZeneca is in the process of developing a booster, AZD2816 (their original one was AZD1222), to do better against new strains. (As you might recall, AZD1222 is shit against Beta.) This paper says that it does well against all the strains in mice and test tubes. This article says there is a different AZ… Continue reading 2021-06-10 General

2021-06-09 BC

Supply Moderna says that they will deliver 7M doses to Canada in June, which means 900K to BC, starting next week. Given that there are three weeks left in June, that would be 300K/week. I’ll believe it when I see it. Vaccines VCH has responded to claims that vaccines will magnetize you. Statistics Today: +148… Continue reading 2021-06-09 BC

2021-06-09 General

Variants The Delta strain is spreading fast. This could be because it easier to catch (because infected people cough more often, infected people breath out more particles, or fewer virus particles are needed to get you sick, etc.) or because infected people become contagious more quickly. This study says that infected people don’t become contagious… Continue reading 2021-06-09 General

2021-06-08 BC

Testing SFU is doing a pilot rapid-testing program. Public Health Administration This article says that the chief medical health officer of Interior Health has been arrested on sexual assault charges. Mitigation Measures Richard Zussman (who is reliable) tweets that there have been 191 tickets for failing to comply with provincial health orders on COVID, totalling… Continue reading 2021-06-08 BC

2021-06-08 General

Vaccines There are a fair number of studies about how many antibodies a given vaccine induces the patient to make, but this study seems to say that a lot of the antibodies which a patient produces in response to a vaccine aren’t actually useful at killing the virus. The antibodies you produce after getting a… Continue reading 2021-06-08 General