2021-09-22 BC


This article says that according to a parent-run Facebook page called BC School COVID Tracker, there have been at least 183 exposures at 117 B.C. schools and child-care facilities over the last three weeks.

This article says an elementary school in Chiliwack has suspended in-person classes and gone to virtual because of rising case counts. An announcement on the school web site says they expect to return on 4 October.

Mitigation Measures

This article says that the City of Vancouver is going to keep the expanded patios (e.g. the parklets and expanding out onto the sidewalks).


+759 cases, +10 deaths, +7,104 first doses, +7,138 second doses.

Currently 324 in hospital / 157 in ICU, 5,458 active cases, 173,215 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults87.7%80.5%
of over-12s87.1%79.7%
of all BCers79.3%72.5%