2021-09-21 BC

Press Briefing

I did not watch the press briefing, but I got information from other sources about what they said.

  • This article says they said things are pretty dire in Northern Health Authority. There are only 5 nurses filling 20 positions in Fort St. John, for example. They have already flown 12 patients out of Northern to other Health Authorities.
  • The same article says that they have reversed on not notifying parents when there is an outbreak at their child’s school.
  • The same article says that Dr. Henry pleaded with pregnant people to get vaccinated.
  • This article says that the province is hiring some more contact tracers. (In earlier briefings when times were better, they said that they dropped the number of contact tracers and redeployed them elsewhere.)


+525 cases, +1 death, +7,652 first doses, +6,628 second doses.

Currently 332 in hospital / 155 in ICU, 5,282 active cases, 172,624 recovered.

first dosessecond doses
of adults87.5%80.4%
of over-12s87.0%79.5%
of all BCers79.2%72.3%