2021-03-04 BC


There are more and more VOCs in BC. Today, they announced 42 more B.1.17 cases and 4 more B.1.351 cases.

Four people in hospital have VOCs; two recent deaths were from VOCs.

Dr. Henry advocates keeping calm, but I think this warrants some concern.

Vaccine supply

Next week, BC should be getting about 60K of AZ and about 60K of Pfizer. This is a lot. (To date, we’ve only gotten about 385K.)

There’s a guy in the US who is arguing that they should do first-doses-first in states with a higher percentage of VOC cases.

I have been thinking about something similar: maybe we should allocate doses to health authorities based on their % positivity? I discard that idea pretty quickly, however, because it would reward bad behaviour.

Maybe Public Health could quietly give more of the AZ (and J&J when it gets here) to the health districts which have more spread? Do it in a way that people don’t know about it, so they don’t realize that they should be engaging in bad behaviour?

There is a district in Austria that has been hammered, and they are going to vaccinate everyone they possibly can in that district with Pfizer — but that’s in order to gather data on how well Pfizer works against B.1.351, which is running rampant there.


Today: +564 cases, including 42 B.1.1.7 cases, and 4 B.1.351 cases, +4 deaths, +8,912 first shots, +130 second shots.

Currently 248 in hospital / 64 in ICU, 4,743 active cases, 8,659 under monitoring, 76,289 recovered.

NB: There was a briefing today, but I had to miss it because of family obligations.