2021-11-12 General


This article reports that Health Canada has approved half-dose Moderna as a booster for people over 18.

Mitigation Measures

This article says that organized crime stole relief funds in various ways.

Recommended Reading

In the Before Times, there were a fair number of international medical personnel stationed in Uganda. This article says that when the pandemic hit, they were all recalled to their respective homes. Uganda healthcare workers, understandably felt abandoned.

This article talks about hair loss during the pandemic.

This article (from the USA, sorry) says that LGBTQ people are much more likely to have been vaccinated than cishet people.

This article reports that CSIS is seeing a rise in violent speech.

This article shows the terrible human costs of having to delay surgery due to hospitals being full with COVID-19 patients. Get vaccinated!

This article talks about how much long ICU stays suck, long-term. It’s US-centered (sorry!), but being in the ICU probably sucks no matter where you are.