2021-03-01 General


An article in the New York Times reports on studies which show that one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine gives good protection.

An article in the Washington Post says that the Israeli vaccine rollout — which has now reached 50% of its citizens and almost 90 percent of people over 50 — shows that the Pfizer vaccine is even better than expected. I recommend you read it if you need some good news.

There’s now data on how bad the reactions to getting a vaccine are, and it’s now clear that second doses of mRNA vax are more annoying than first doses. They also found that pregnant women have similar reactions. In a small sample, they have found that babies delivered to vaccinated mothers seem just fine.

Variants of Concern

There is a preprint which says that B.1.526 (the “New York” strain) is in fact more resistant to COVID Classic antibodies. @(#&$