2021-05-07 BC

Data As I mentioned briefly yesterday, there was a leak of BC CDC data. Looking through it, there are a few things that stand out. OMG. The yellow line is the % of cases in that Community Health Service Area, with the blue lines being the % of population for that CHSA. OMG, Surrey has… Continue reading 2021-05-07 BC

2021-05-06 BC

My computer is in the shop today, so I’m writing this up on my inferior computers. Thus it’s going to be shorter today (and probably for the next six days). Data The Vancouver Sun published some leaked data from the provincial public health, showing much more detail in geographic area and demographics than what they… Continue reading 2021-05-06 BC

2021-05-04 BC

Eligibility Pregnant people are now eligible to get vaccinated! And grocery workers in VCH and Fraser Health! Vaxxing the kids As I mentioned, the US FDA is going to approve Pfizer for 12-15 y/os next week, and Canada usually approves at about the same time as the US. How are we going to vaccinate them?… Continue reading 2021-05-04 BC

2021-05-03 BC

Vaccinations This article reports that there have been 618 cases of COVID among people more than two weeks after they got their first dose (most of whom had not gotten their second dose). That’s 0.14% of vaccinated people. 18 people died, most of them over 80. Vaccines are good, but not perfect. Events It’s not… Continue reading 2021-05-03 BC

2021-04-30 BC

I’m not sure I made it obvious enough in the last post, so I’m going to say it directly. The province wants people to register so that they will know how much vax is going to be needed where and to help them plan when to move the age limit down. A more efficient vax… Continue reading 2021-04-30 BC

2021-04-28 BC

Today’s post is going to be ultra-short because I was busy getting ready to put my primary laptop into the shop *sob* to get the R key on my keyboard fixed *yay*. Pop-up Clinics The pop-up clinics have had long lines and vaccinated a lot of people who found them without (almost?) any advertising. This… Continue reading 2021-04-28 BC

2021-04-27 BC

Vaccination Clinics Fraser Health opened up three pop-up AZ clinics in “hotspot communities” for people 30+ who live in those communities. At least, that’s how it was supposed to work. Apparently some places were not checking the postal codes. I don’t know if: There is a quiet policy to vaccinate anybody who comes in. The… Continue reading 2021-04-27 BC