2021-06-22 BC

Vaccine Clinics There are some drop-in clinics in VCH for first doses (second doses if you are over 70). Transmission The Surrey School district did not send any exposure notices home with kids yesterday, for the first time this school year. Yay! A study shows that BC teachers have exactly the same seropositivity rate as… Continue reading 2021-06-22 BC

2021-06-21 BC

Variants Huh. I hadn’t paid attention to the Variants of Concern report in a while, and it turns out that the percentage of cases which are Delta is actually falling in BC. Not just the raw case count, but the proportion. I didn’t think that was supposed to happen! Gamma is rising, but Gamma isn’t… Continue reading 2021-06-21 BC

2021-06-18 BC

Vaccination Clinics I got my second shot today (wooohoo!) at the Convention Centre, escorted by my beloved spouse. This is what I observed: There were about three greeters at the door to the outside of Canada Place. One asked me if anyone in my bubble had been sick, but I think that was the only… Continue reading 2021-06-18 BC

2021-06-17 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the province expects schools to open in September to “near-normal”. They expect there will still be daily health checks, with sick students and teachers staying home, but no more cohorts and learning groups. It sounds like they haven’t fully decided about masks. Press Briefing Today, they said: NACI said… Continue reading 2021-06-17 BC

2021-06-16 BC

Vaccinations More vaccination appointments have opened up, which might mean that the big Moderna shipment (of 392K doses) has arrived. If you have already booked, you might be able to move up by doing the following: Find your confirmation email with your booking confirmation number (the email message will be from BCVaccDoNotReply@hlth.gov.bc.ca). (You can also… Continue reading 2021-06-16 BC

2021-06-15 BC

Mitigation Measures The COVID rent freeze has been extended to the end of the year. Statistics Today: +108 cases, +0 deaths, +10,521 first doses, +44,038 second doses. Currently 139 in hospital / 39 in ICU, 1,496 active cases 143,299 recovered. We have 389,675 doses in fridges; we’ll use it up in 6.4 days at last… Continue reading 2021-06-15 BC

2021-06-14 BC

Vaccines I’m a little late reporting this, but apparently Canada paid a premium to get some Pfizer doses early. Money very well spent, I say. Mitigation measures Playland has re-opened. 🙂 Press Briefing Today, Premier Horgan, Dr. Henry, Minister Dix, Minister Mark, and Minister Kahlon had a press conference to talk about the Stage 2… Continue reading 2021-06-14 BC

2021-06-11 BC

Supply The 37,500 doses of Johnson & Johnson vax that we have will probably have to be fucking scrapped; see today’s General post. Vaccinations Vaccinations are still progressing nicely in all age groups: Variants The Delta strain is nasty, as this tweet thread discusses: 64% more transmissible and 2x hospitalization risk. Statistics Today: +180 cases,… Continue reading 2021-06-11 BC

2021-06-10 BC

Press Briefing I found the briefing kind of dull. Much of it was slides with information that was already posted in the Weekly Data Summary. Go read that, you’ll get most of it. The headline is that we’re doing well: case counts and hospitalizations are going down, deaths are low and stable, and we’re vaxxing… Continue reading 2021-06-10 BC

2021-06-09 BC

Supply Moderna says that they will deliver 7M doses to Canada in June, which means 900K to BC, starting next week. Given that there are three weeks left in June, that would be 300K/week. I’ll believe it when I see it. Vaccines VCH has responded to claims that vaccines will magnetize you. Statistics Today: +148… Continue reading 2021-06-09 BC