week ending 2022-06-30 BC

Attitudes This article gives some survey results of BCians about COVID-19: 79% think that the worst of the pandemic is over (compared to 55% two months ago); 51% are still afraid of catching COVID-19; 38% have stopped wearing masks in indoor public settings; 32% still wear masks (presumably in indoor public settings?); 28% are hosting… Continue reading week ending 2022-06-30 BC

week ending 2022-06-23 BC

Mitigation Measures This article reports that Prince George is suing its insurer, who is denying claims for losses stemming from losses due to closures for COVID-19. This article reports that Minister Dix says there are no plans to lift vax mandates for public servants and health-care workers. This article reports that the province says that… Continue reading week ending 2022-06-23 BC

week ending 2022-06-16 BC

Still better, still not good. Governance This article mostly focuses on how VCH wouldn’t hand over documents to the press, but there are some kind of scary things buried in there. It makes it sound like hospitals were not actually very healthy. (Here’s a story from October on the same document request at Fraser Health,… Continue reading week ending 2022-06-16 BC

week ending 2022-06-02 BC

It looks like things are improving, but they are still not good. The number in hospital is still higher than the max of the Delta wave. FYI, they aren’t good in the USA, either, and they are getting worse in a lot of places. For example, Seattle (yellow is cases, red is deaths; line is… Continue reading week ending 2022-06-02 BC

week ending 2022-05-26 BC

Statistics Reminder: people over 70 and clinically extremely vulnerable people are overrepresented in cases (because those are the ones who are allowed to get PCR tests), and hospitalizations/deaths (because they are most vulnerable). They are also the exact demographic which has been getting boosters, so it is possible that that cohort is doing better now… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-26 BC

week ending 2022-05-19 BC

I want to make a cautionary note about the stats. For about six weeks now, the over-70s and clinically extremely vulnerable have been eligible for second boosters. Note that those are also the only group which is eligible to get walk-in PCR tests, so the only ones (aside from hospital admits) who show up in… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-19 BC

week ending 2022-05-12 BC

Press Briefing There was a press briefing on Tuesday, which didn’t actually say much. The major announcement (which was echoed in this press release) was that they have finished getting data from 17 of the 18 Colleges of regulated health care professionals about their vax statuses. Aggregated by College: physicians and surgeons: 98.0% dieticians: 98%… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-12 BC

week ending 2022-05-05 BC

As near as I can tell, things did not get a lot worse this week. The indicators seem to say that the situation is plateauing in BC. Hospitals This article says that nurses want to talk about how dire the situation is in the hospitals, but that whistleblowers are being retaliated against. Treatments This article… Continue reading week ending 2022-05-05 BC

week ending 2022-04-28 BC

Okay, folks, I am now willing to say that we are in the middle of a big wave that nobody is talking about. There are currently 570 people in hospital with COVID-19, and the pre-Omicron max hospitalizations was 515 (on 28 April 2021). This is bad. Yes, yes, some of them are there “with” COVID-19… Continue reading week ending 2022-04-28 BC