2022-01-22/23/24 BC

Philosophy This article talks about a (perceived) disconnect between Dr. Henry saying that we need to manage COVID-19 like we do other viruses, but not getting rid of all the mitigation measures. The author says that lots of people have been radicalized, traumatized such that they are COVID-obsessed. I believe that there is nuance missing.… Continue reading 2022-01-22/23/24 BC

2022-01-21 BC

NOTE: I had been grabbing the number of tests from the wrong place on the BC CDC dashboard, which meant that my positivity numbers were wrong. I’ll go back and fix blog posts retroactively, but among the charts below is a rolling 7-day average of positivity from the BC CDC dashboard. Transmission I’ve gotten some… Continue reading 2022-01-21 BC

2022-01-20 BC

Mitigation Measures This article says that the province has walked back their statement on unvaccinated people: unvaccinated people really do have to isolate for TEN days. (Maybe a staffer’s fingers slipped?) I am pleased. Transmission The BC COVID-19 Modelling Group has released another report. They think that: We will see ~50K cases per day at… Continue reading 2022-01-20 BC

2022-01-19 BC

Testing The BC CDC recently updated their testing web page to say who was eligible. Basically, if you are young, vaccinated, and not CEV, then you don’t get a PCR test (unless your job is in a special category like HCW or prison guard) There are some people who are upset, but I am having… Continue reading 2022-01-19 BC

2022-01-18 BC

Press Briefing Here’s what they said which I found new and interesting: The Orders about bars and nightclubs being closed and performances being at half-capacity have been extended until 16 Feb. Funerals and weddings can still go on as always, but the parties associated with them are still restricted. COVID Safety Plan requirements and vax… Continue reading 2022-01-18 BC

2022-01-17 BC

Statistics Fri/Sat: +2,383 casesSat/Sun: +1,733 casesSun/Mon: +1,509 cases Over weekend, around +7 deaths, approximately +3,471 first doses, +1,118 second doses, +44,082 other doses per day. Positivity rate of 14.5%. Currently 819 in hospital / 99 in ICU, 35,985 active cases, 257,677 recovered. first doses second doses third doses of adults 92.7% 90.1% 35.7% of over-12s… Continue reading 2022-01-17 BC

2022-01-14 BC

Press Briefing Today’s presser was more interesting than some recent ones (video, slides). DrH presented some good evidence that cases are dropping. She said she thought we peaked last weekend. Something I thought was interesting about this figure was they called out how VCH’s peak and London’s peaks were not pointy, saying it was because… Continue reading 2022-01-14 BC

2022-01-12 BC

Transmission This article says that two schools had to close due to too many staff illnesses. This Twitter thread shows that SARS-CoV-2 in Metro Van wastewater looks like it is going down! Assholes This article says that anti-vaxxers have been paying vulnerable people to get vaccinated under other people’s names. This article says that RCMP… Continue reading 2022-01-12 BC

2022-01-11 BC

Transmission In today’s BC Ministry of Health press conference, Dr. Henry said that she thought that cases were going to start to come down soon. A reporter challenged her on that, given that we only have data from South Africa, which has very different demographics. Dr.H said that the data from the UK is also… Continue reading 2022-01-11 BC